BONUS!! Ebooks How To Draw Manga!

  • Complete artistic control. Sketch original art with a mouse or tablet, scan in existing art, or import artwork or graphics to get started. It’s easy with Manga Studio Debut!
  • Design with attention to detail. Choose from over 2,300 professional-grade screen tones to add dimension, depth and character to your art.
  • Invigorate your drawings. Easily color and fill your Manga or Comic using the integrated color set, advanced shading tools, and pattern brushes.
  • Bring your Characters to Life. Pre-designed word balloons allow you to quickly add dialog to your creations.
  • Apply special effects. Add focus and speed line effects in seconds to express motion or moods.
  • Publish your work. Output professional quality manga for print or web in various file formats. Manga Studio Debut exports jpg, bmp, psd, tga*, png*, tiff* and pict* files.
  • Get fast results. Perform complicated tasks with a single mouse click. Double your productivity by reusing design elements in a flash!

Follow the instruction below to begin your download:

Here is what you need to do before you able to download this Manga Studio EX4  software :

a) Click the download button below the image

b) A popup will block you from access to the file.You need to unlock this first.

c) Choose only one offer and complete it, this will unlock the popup.

d) Please use code: RaubRitter to open the file.

d) Thanks me in the comment then I will sent you BONUS Ebooks How To Draw Manga!